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Sparkling Ice Floe I.jpg

Ice floe, Sparkling I

Sparkling Ice Floe II.jpg

Ice Floe, Sparkling

Iceberg Paulet.jpg

Iceberg and Paulet Island II

Iceberg Columns.jpg

Iceberg Columns

Iceberg Mound and Paulet.jpg

Iceberg, Mound and Paulet Island

Iceberg Mound.jpg

Iceberg, Mound

Edge of the Berg.jpg

Edge of the Berg

Iceberg Paulet II.jpg

Iceberg & Paulet Island I

Table Iceberg.jpg

Table Iceberg

Iceberg Solo II.jpg

Iceberg, Solo I

Iceberg Solo.jpg

Iceberg, Solo II

Tabular Iceberg and Floes.jpg

Tabular Iceberg and Floes

I really collect no data. I would not know what to do with it if I collected any. This is a vanity website to show off. I do count the number of visitors and visits to see if anyone is looking.