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For some, this fastidiousness has got to stop...
I bathe, brush and floss daily. My u-trousers are never more than 24 hours from the drawer and I wash my hands incessantly at work to avoid spreading contagion. All this soap and water earned me a contact dermatitis from time to time. For some this is not enough. One of my charges could not understand her dry skin and cracked palms . Maybe it was the Clorox brand sodium hypchlorite?? My stepdaughter, bless her compulsive little soul, is such a person. When she lived with us recently, furthering her education, we did not share the washing machine- mixing our clothes was a mortal sin , she was forever scrubbing things but never failed to use the dishcloth that had been fermenting, damp for days slung over the sink. Anything that fell on the floor was fair game only for the dogs.
She was quite offended when I called her on these ironies. I am reminded of the observation that He won't sit beside a colored child in church; but he'll eat eggs, shoot right outta a chicken's ass! She also did not take kindly to my notion that her glass of Pur filtered water was also likely recycled dinosaur pee.
It is quite clear that our species labored and lived long with some relationship to those bugs other than purely a bacteriocidal one. One only has to watch a toddler test out the dog food bowl and happily consume food from the floor to see that we can live with the little buggers- the bacteria that is- much of the time.
The villain list in this obsession has to include my profession for pointing out the connection between bacteria and some illnesses. It is, after all, partly the fault of Lister, Pasteur, Fleming and their ilk for describing these links and showing us some ways to defend ourselves. The obsession however has more sinister roots. The obsession with our tiny neighbors really expanded as the marketing mavens honed their skills and magnified our views (literally) of the enemy. Remember that
"One single bacteria cell can become more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours." What are we to do against those odds. Why mount a preemptive strike- we all know how well a preemptive strike against an unseen enemy works. Lysol for the environment, $120 of Levaquin for a head cold and we get a superbug...
And cracked fingers and some irrationality.

And where does my distrust of marketing and sales come from.....
I'm thirsty.