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Iraq and me

Iraq was more personal 3 years ago.
I wrote this several years ago, before the invasion. I am more opposed now for less personal reasons.

I now have a step son and his wife in the mideast preparing
for war. I keep on having this recurring image of Jared , age
6, dashing in the backyard in Nashville in the uncut high grass
tripping flat on his face, hands thrown out over his head as
if he had been clotheslined at the ankles. He picks
himself up slowly and begins to cry. When he sees no one
around to appreciate his dilemma he brushes himself off,
stops whimpering, and sprints off. Alex 10, the grandson in
some ways seems so like him. Jared is different now and I
cannot begin to describe my thoughts. he is trained for war.
He is the image of the bravado you imagine in a young
soldier, spouting off all the technical info about his
stuff, sure of its power, but so vulnerable as he was at 6.
You would trust him defending you. He was trained well but
I so wish he had spent the energy on the computers that
seemed to interest him. After september 11 he decided that
fixing diesel equipment for the Army was not enough to protect
his nieces from the world so he would become a grunt and
help to take the threats to us out himself.

it was difficult saying goodbye. After my insulation from
Vietnam- Mt Lebanon and Princeton- it is so much different to
imagine the loss of someone to war- especially since I have
my doubts about the wisdom of this part of our conflict.
No more about this.