Digital Delights

One person's view of nature

Digital Delights 2.0

I am redoing the entire website. This will entail generating all new images, since I plan to increase the image size a bit. I figure anyone who wants to borrow an image is unlikely to ever pay me. It will be a long slog since I am redoing every image and also refiling the entire posted collection

A Second Start

Constructive criticism appreciated

I'm willing to learn and even discuss nature, photography or nature photography if you wish.

Want to purchase a printed photo or buy rights for something of higher quality.

I do that. Let me know if you do. There are 1.2 x10^5 nature photographers like me, it would seem, but maybe I have something that touches you. Let me know. I print up to 17" by 22" with professional inks and Epson Luster paper unless you have another favorite. This combo is felt to be very longlasting if protected. I recently sent a file to Nevada Art Printers and they sent back a beautiful version of 'Fernandina Beach Sunset' bound to acrylic. Fernandina Sunset sm.jpg

I really collect no data. I would not know what to do with it if I collected any. This is a vanity website to show off.