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Digital Delights 2.0

I am redoing the entire website and I just changed hosts. This will entail generating all new images, since I plan to increase the image size a bit. I figure anyone who wants to borrow an image is unlikely to ever pay me. It will be a long slog since I am redoing every image and also refiling the entire posted collection

The Galleries are images I like more, are rare or less common. The Albums are more encyclopedic, and in some cases a collection of a place or individual trip.

Want to purchase a printed photo or buy rights for something of higher quality.

I do that. There are 6.2 x10^6 nature photographers, it would seem, but maybe I have something that touches you. Let me know. Some of my images are special. I print up to 17" by 22" with professional inks and Epson Luster paper unless you have another favorite. This combo is felt to be very longlasting if protected.

Constructive criticism appreciated

I'm willing to learn and even discuss nature, photography or nature photography if you wish.

Splash image: Ice Floe, Antarctic Peninsula by iPhone

I collect no data. I would not know what to do with it if I did. This is a vanity website to show off. I do count the number of visitors and visits to see if anyone is looking.