Galápagos Birds April 2018

Birds of Galápagos
I'd love to post my finches as well but cannot identify them adequately. Help out there??
Blue-footed Booby Bobbing (1).jpg

Blue Footed Booby

Blue-footed Booby Searching.jpg

Blue-footed Booby Searching I

Blue Booby in Dive.jpg

Blue-footed Booby in Dive

Blue-footed Booby Searching II.jpg

Blue-footed Booby Searching II

Blue-footed Booby Stretching.jpg

Bluefooted Booby Stretching

Red Footed Booby Nestling II.jpg

Red-footed Booby Nestling

Red Footed Booby Nestling I.jpg

Red-footed Booby Nestling

Red-footed Booby Nest.jpg

Red-footed Booby Nest

Red-footed Booby Portrait.jpg

Red-footed Booby Portrait

Nazca Booby attack.jpg

Nazca Booby attack (see Blog entry)

Great Frigatebird Display in Flight.jpg

Great Frigatebird Display in Flight.jpg

Immature Male Great Frigate-bird.jpg

Great Frigate Bird, young Male

Immature Male Great Frigate-bird II.jpg

Male Great Frigate Bird, young male

Great Frigatebird (female).jpg

Great Frigatebird (f.)

Female Magnificent Frigatebird.jpg

Magnificent Frigate Bird, Female imm

Nazca Booby Nestling.jpg

Nazca Booby Nestling

Galápagos Penguin (1).jpg

Galápagos Penguin

Galápagos Penguin.jpg

Galápagos Penguin

Lava Heron (1).jpg

Lava Heron

Lava Heron.jpg

Lava Heron also known as Striated Heron

Oyster Catcher.jpg

Oyster Catcher

Swallow Tailed Gull.jpg

Swallow-tailed Gull

Swallow Tail Gull Family.jpg

Swallow-tailed Gull Family

American Flamingo Landing I.jpg

American Flamingo Landing I

American Flamingo Landing II.jpg

American Flamingo Landing II

American Flamingo Landing III.jpg

American Flamingo Landing III

American Flamingo Landing IV.jpg

American Flamingo Landing IV

American Flamingo Landing V.jpg

American Flamingo Landing V

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