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One person's view of Nature

Not much of a black and white guy I, but take a look.
Haleakala Stone Field.jpg

Haleakala Stone Field

Monolith and Rookery (1).jpg

Rookery and Monolith

Moon at Rio Chama 2016.jpg

Moon at Rio Chama

Paradise Bay Antarctica B-W.jpg

Paradise Bay, Antarctica

Paradise Bay Antarctica II B-W.jpg

Paradise Bay, Antarctica, II

Three Birds on a Rock.jpg

3 Birds on a Rock

Wilhemina Bay II B-W (1).jpg

Wilhemina Bay

Wilhemina Bay II.jpg

Wilhemina Bay II

Beach, Galápagos.jpg

Beach, Galápagos

King Haakon Bay II.jpg

King Haakon Bay, South Georgia

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