Antarctic Birds
I went for the ice scapes and fell in love with the penguins. Other Southern Sea birds also.
Antarctic Tern IIa.jpg

Antarctic Tern

Antarctic Tern.jpg

Antarctic Tern

Antarctic Tern (1).jpg

Antarctic Tern

Antarctic Tern (2).jpg

Antarctic Tern

Antarctic Terns Squabble.jpg

Antarctic Terns Squabbling

Chinstrap Penguin in Repose.jpg

Chinstrap in Repose

Chinstrap Penguin Stare.jpg

Stare of the Chinstrap

Chinstrap Penguin, Rockin' I.jpg

Chinstrap Penguin, Rockin I

Chinstrap Penguin, Rockin' II.jpg

Chinstrap Penguin, Rockin II

Chinstrap Penguin, Rockin' III.jpg

Chinstrap Penguin, Rockin III

Chinstrap Penguin Bath I.jpg

Chinstrap Bathing I

Chinstrap Penguin Bath II.jpg

Chinstrap Bathing II

Chinstrap Penguin Rookery.jpg

Chinstrap Penguin Rookery

Giant Petrel.jpg

Giant Petrel

Gull, Antarctica.jpg

Kelp Gull

Pintado Petrel.jpg

Pintado Petrel

Chinstrap Penguin eating snow II.jpg

Eating Snow

Adelie Duo.jpg

Adelie Duo

Adelie Penguin Presents.jpg

Adelie Presents

Adelie Penguin Song.jpg

Adelie Penguin Song

Adelie Penguin Stare.jpg

Adelie Penguin Stare

Adelie Penguin.jpg

Adelie Penguin

Emperor Penguin.jpg

Emperor Penguin

South Pole Skua Hover.jpg

South Polar Skua Hovering for meal

South Pole Skua Landing.jpg

South Polar Skua Landing in Gentoo Rookery

South Pole Skua Landing II.jpg

South Polar Skua Stealing Egg

South Polar Skua Escape.jpg

South Polar Skua Escape

South Polar Skua.jpg

South Polar Skua on Ice Floe

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