Bird Gallery

Bird Photos of Note

Bird Gallery
Birds are a passion of mine. I photograph everyone I see but enjoy catching them in action, particularly in flight. The Gallery has some of my favorites but the photo album is a grand listing of birds adequately imaged.
Blue-footed Booby Bobbing.jpg

Blue-footed Booby

Male Great Frigate Bird.jpg

Great Frigatebird (m.)

King Penguin Preening.jpg

King Penguin Preening

King Penguin Colors II.jpg

King Penguin Colors II

King Penguin Color I.jpg

King Penguin South Georgia

Great Blue Heron Battle.jpg

Great Blue Heron Battle

Little Blue Heron Squabble.jpg

Little Blue Heron Squabble

Brown Pelican Turbulence I Mazatlan 2004.jpg

Brown Pelican Glide

Brown Pelican Turbulence II Mazatlan 2004.jpg

Brown Pelican Turbulence

Swallow Tailed Gull Eye I (2).jpg

Gull Eye (Swallow-tailed)

Cardinal Female I copy.jpg

Cardinal at Dusk (f)

Green Heron Puffed Up.jpg

Green Heron

I'iwi Song.jpg

I'iwi in Song

Laysan Albatross Flight I.jpg

Laysan Albatross

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