Photography Links

What Bird and iBird- A leading Birder site. Produces the Ibird app for iPhone iPad and Android phones. By the way features some of my photos. Not necessarily my artiest but best for ID.

dpreview - One of the best sources for detailed reviews of digital cameras on the web. Much (very much) rubbish in the forums but the gems there are sometimes worth wading through. I do not attend much anymore. More info than one could need including the ubiquitous forums, reviews that are less detailed and more user oriented, than dpreview. There is also some info of use to the film photographer. Wonderful and/or controversial Photos of the week.

A wonderful compendium of many things Nature Photography
I was a member. I guess my joining days have passed.

Lenswork- buy this black and white photo mag.

Birds as Art- Another site with an intriguing web newsletter. You see his bird photos everywhere.

The Online Photographer-Mike Johnston and his friends with criticism, book reviews, some tech stuff and some wit. Frequently a joy to read. For example to bring a smile to your face go here.


Ars Technica- Geek site but much about Science and Macs and Windows. It has become a science and tech news collector for these topics and less of a technical site.


pbase- One of many photo aggregation sites. I have a collection of all of the photos I have ever displayed online here.

Chocolate at
Karl Bissinger's of St. Louis. My favorite. (Try the strawberry and the Key Lime Bark. Not available:-( Almost to die for....
I have no connection except to my St. Louis training and practice days.