I currently use DSLRs, the horror, a 5DMKIV and 7DMKII. Someone can tell me when smaller cameras become responsive enough. I will have to make a big jump to an EVF(electronic view finder). Fast moving objects seem to demand a look through the lens and the camera moving with your head. I await an EVF for hunting rifles, maybe a laptop with solenoids and hydraulics to move the rifle like in these long distance 'hunts'. "Never get cold or wet while you get your buck."

I use my 70-300mm f4-5.6L IS for flight and other subjects with either body but the 7DII more for flight. It has pushed my 400mm f5.6 use down a bit, given the former's versatility and weight concerns on charters. The weight issues limit my traveling use of the old, old, old, 24-70mm f2.8 I have, except while driving or on simple flights. I make frequent use of extenders at home on the tripod (less so tele-extenders) for macro (the old non-IS 100mm f2.8 macro) and near bird shots. the latter with the 500mm.

My computer work is done on an iMac 27. It was fast enough but no more. I use Photoshop CS6 and Aperture for storage organization. I am considering my moves with Adobe's move to subscription. In the past I would occasionally not do photo work for weeks or even months, making a subscription a money sink. Retirement may change that. I'm looking at Affinity but I need a DAM (digital asset management) tool that is not fading into obscurity with 'not responding dialogs' like Aperture.