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Sedona Life lesson

I just got back from a Sedona vacation where I was enlightened
about the fact that not everyone is as open about their craft as the online Photography community. The sites I list on my link page (skimpy though the list may be) are open about ‘how-to’s’ and when’s and where’s. Even from those that make some of their living from their images. At a street fair type event one lady curtly told me her husband’s printing methods for their oversaturated canvas prints were proprietary. OK. Just nosy I guess. Do not plan to compete. Ronald’s burgers sell billions also. I said nada.

It would seem that the Velvia look really sells in Sedona. It is easy to go over the top with the saturation of the Red Rock without trying. The sunsets push this even further as we see here where I actually under processed in Camera Raw relative to my usual . A gallery owner let on that I should not ask about methods as well. I retracted my question. It just seemed a less sensitive topic in front of the public than the esthetics of the prints when a sales person inquired about my opinions. No more fancy cameras for me at photo galleries-and a warning to my wife to not inquire about my opinion until we’ve left.