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Photo Contest

I was just chosen a finalist
in The Nature Conservancy's Best Nature Photo Contest.
As a lark I submitted a few  of  my images  to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) contest.  I  did  not win the first or honorable mention  prizes of a TNC calendar for an image taken in a TNC site ($14.99).  The taxes on that may have led me to turn the prize down.  I was however a finalist  in 'The Best Nature Photo' category and can afford the taxes on the $0.00 plus the instant fame that you promise to give me by clicking  on this tag.  You can also vote on your favorites  at that url,  Hint hint.   You may have to wade  through all the excellent and good photos  to vote too high for mine.  What I do win is exposure apparently on their site and even, I hope, in the magazine.  

I have no idea what possessed the editors of the magazine to rank this photo so high since it barely makes my list of my top 30 in impact.  It is however somewhat unique in its subject matter. 
Tricolor herons are not frequent as guests in photo contests.  Beautiful sunsets and vistas are almost a dime a dozen as you can see  from the submissions and the honorable mentions. Even I do them. This does  not take away from how pretty they are, just their uniqueness, and impact as "art"   In addition any photographer has favorites that to some extent reflect his/her effort and memories  of the events and favorites and may not reflect a larger universality.   Maybe it is one of my betters.      It is a good  picture  but editing the 2 leaves out as you can see on this web site version improves the impact as a photo.  TNC demands minimal color correction and sharpening and it was submitted as such. In the end I do  this to please myself and to bring in  others.  I hope some of these please you.

Thank you for looking.