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Antarctic Notes.

I have numerous comments to make.
1. Keep your eyes open as a few of the flat ice floes reveal tubular like dark lines that are seals 'hauled out' on the ice to rest. They are generally safe there from predators and thus not afraid of us.
2. The South Polar Skua nests in the Antarctic. It can be seen in small numbers at sea as far north as the North Eastern Pacific at migration, but does not come ashore. It is an aggressive predator and scavenger that eats small birds,chicks and eggs as we see in the sequence in the second Birds Album. My fellow travelers were not very fond of the decimation of the flocks.
3. The palette was so monochromatic mostly but for the lichens on some rocks, as on Half moon island and at Jougla point.
4. The clouds and the ice and snow could be breath taking. I was impressed as well that with some adjustments the monochrome became Black and White so I converted some especially in Wilhelmina Bay. Your choice.
5. I left in one view of a glacier that has zodiacs with my fellow travelers wearing their bright orange. This is to give you an idea of the scale of some of these ice masses that bear the icebergs.