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Chinstrap and Whaler

Our first stop in Antarctica was at Half Moon Island
in the South Shetlands on the west coast of the Antarctic peninsula (west Antarctica) The Chinstrap Penguins were waiting for us including this fellow who posed alongside this likely 100 or more year old whaler. As advertised they were unafraid of us,having 'forgotten' the human predators that ate them while whaling. The official limit is 5 yards for us but they can and did approach closer although somewhat wary. It seems from the online comments that everyone who treks to Antarctica stops at Half Moon Island. We were lucky that the weather was very photographic as you can see. I Took numerous images of the rock formation up the hill with the fog and snow veiling the mountains behind.
Although it is said that one goes for the penguins and is awed by the ice and snow I had seen some images of the snow and ice in both polar regions and went for that. I was not disappointed. The Antarctic Peninsula was profoundly beautiful. Another old saw is that a week trip to the Antarctic Peninsula is like visiting the Florida Keys and stating one knows the North American Continent. Reason to return.